The Magic behind
poof printing

The Magic Comes
from My Heart

When life happened and I glanced in my rear view mirror, it became clear … POOF! Any failures I had encountered was just a womb of success. This entrepreneur knew that starting ALL over was the only option.

It took the courage of never giving up to redefine, to rebrand, to recreate and form POOF PRINTING in Spring 2022. A look in my rearview mirror showed:

  • 30+ years’ of dedicated service collaborating with clients;
  • understanding graphic design techniques and programs;
  • mastering brand strategy techniques development;
  • acquiring an exceptional knowledge of product development.

Char is a motivated entrepreneur who loves serving people by finding opportunities to enhance their brand identity.

Char Ross | Founder | Vision Caster
Chief Get-Her-Done Officer

We Provide Coverage
to Enhance Your Brand

POOF PRINTING is a boutique service provider offering custom products to teams, athletes, schools, churches, non-profits, and business owners. The POOF PRINTING magic is working hand-in-hand with clients to enhance their brand identity.

Together, we collaborate to create products that move ideas from possibly to reality, bringing them to life! The results are in:

  • creating unique designs
  • crafting strong messaging
  • presenting product options
  • providing on-demand production

We focus on effective ways to increase brand awareness, gain brand equity by using branding guidelines, ensuring consistent repetition on custom apparel, printed collateral and product development.

Let us show you the magic!

Private Label Products

Our primary strength is creating private label products that enhances your brand identity and leaves a lasting impression for any cause or mission.

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Swag Bag Marketplace

Private labels brands can be sold in our online marketplace. We design, produce and ship directly to customers helping you to generate additional revenue.

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Custom Apparel​

Everyone needs custom apparel for that special event. Whether you need a dozen or a couple hundred, we can make the magic happen.

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Custom Products

As an organizer, quality having quality products can be crucial to your event success. We have what it takes to meet your budget and keep your deadline.

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