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Save money with custom group apparel printed
and sold in our SWAG Bag Market.

Group Apparel
Printed On-demand

Experience Printing Magic!

On-demand Printing
for Group Apparel
saves money.

Stop buying bulk apparel.

Save money with group apparel printed on-demand as merchandise is only produced as needed. We create your design idea, you sell it online in our SWAG Market and we product it as needed. Merchandise is only produced after it is purchased by members or ordered by your customers.

Purchasing group apparel in bulk can offer many limitations. You incur large upfront out-of-pocket expenses, and you have to anticipate what your customers will actually purchase.

On-demand printing eliminates the guess work in purchasing for any group, or getting stuck with too much inventory for your store. It also give you the flexibility of offering a variety of products that can be purchased. 

printed on-demand group apparel

Did you know your group apparel is a private label brand that can be printed on-demand and sold online?

Design. Produce. Sell It Online!

Swag Bag Program

Customers sell private label brands in our ecommerce SWAG Bag Market.

Our customers
Private Labels are
selling in the online
SWAG Bag Market.
private label brands printed custom on-demand

Group Apparel Enhances Awareness


Creating a custom apparel and products for your group qualifies as a private label brand. Private Labels are a powerful marketing strategy for showing unity and creating instant recognition among members, fans and supporters.

A private labels increases brand equity, which fosters a sense of pride for customers and staff, exposes your brand when seen everywhere.

POOF Printing Logo
POOF Printing You Think it. POOF! We Print it.

Who We Are

POOF PRINTING is a boutique printing company in Atlanta Georgia creating custom merchandise for groups wanting to sell on-demand and in our ecommerce store.

On-demand printing is perfect for golfers, teams, athletes, schools, churches, non-profits, and business owners for group apparel, and products sold online.

What We Do

Helping groups identify the right design, products to enhance their brand in several ways:

  • Graphic Designs
  • Group Apparel
  • Personalized Products

What We Provide

We help our clients get what want, and when they need it. Here’s how we can help:
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